API Production Equipment
Rod Pump
The rod pump plunger is directly connected to the sucker rod string, and may be tripped into and out of the tubing with the barrel together without pulling out the tubing string, which can reduce maintenance time and downtime.
RHAC Top Anchor Rod Pump
The pump barrel is anchored on the top by a holder. This structure has the following advantages:
When the rod pump is running, fluid discharged from the guide cage flushes sand sedimentation away.
The standing valve at the bottom of the pump is apt to immerse in the well fluid, therefore, it is applicable to the well with low fluid level.
The top anchor mode helps the pump to keep in free suspension state and provides with self-alignment effect, therefore, it is applicable to the deviated well.
The pump barrel functions as a gas anchor, making these pumps suitable for gas wells.API Production Equipment

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